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chas. jetties 7.18.13 my biggest red

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chas. jetties 7.18.13 my biggest red

PostFri Jul 19, 2013 2:13 pm

dropped the boat in the water, and saw the empty mud minnow bucket in the boat. i tied the boat up and drove around the corner to grap my trap. had 7 nice size minnows. left the ramp at 7:45 and ran to the back side of morris. managed to catch 6 mullet and maybe 8 shrimp after an hour. saw a few bonnetheads cruising the bank, but they hardly spooked any bait either....

ran out to the north jetty and anchored up along the rocks. tide was still moving out, so i set one of my larger rods straight back on the bottom with a mullet. i rigged up my other lighter weight rod with a circle hook and cork to cast/drift along the rocks. caught a couple short blackfish with the little rod before something hung me in the rocks. i re-rigged with a orange, lead grub head & cork, to which i attached one of those mud minnows. first pass down the rocks, and i get nailed. after watching the 12 lb test line peel off my old 1983 Penn 712, i had to put the rod in the holder, and pull my anchor to chase her.

the hook dropped right out of her jaw, and was not far from being straighted out. 39" (maybe 20 lb?)

i made her a little more comfortable on my seat for another photo.

got her revived, and had me a cold beer....went by shem creek and got shrimp for supper....
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Re: chas. jetties 7.18.13 my biggest red

PostFri Jul 19, 2013 4:32 pm

Well done.
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Re: chas. jetties 7.18.13 my biggest red

PostSat Jul 20, 2013 5:31 pm

Nice fish!!!
Surprised you didn't catch some flack for showing pictures of that fish on your boat seat. Some people get pretty bent out shape when they see what they feel to be mishandling of big reds.
Good job!!!! Figures it would hit the smaller rod.

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