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Hooked first Blue Marlin!

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Hooked first Blue Marlin!

PostMon May 17, 2010 5:20 pm

Hitched a ride on an offshore boat with 2 newbs and a veteran Hawaii billfisher on his first altlantic run. We hit the river at 0200 and beat our way to the deli for 7 hours into a steep head sea.

After all lines in we immediately had a double of Mahi that were instantly knocked off by a newb gaff man and picked up two more on a turnback. We headed depper looking for a lil better water or a rip/weedline and came up dry. We headed back in and I landed a reef donkey immediately. I joked how we were too shallow (200 feet) and the water was too cold when the flat line i was dropping back started dumping off. I set the hook, made a lot of ground quick and for 20 minutes had a spectacular show right behind the boat. As soon as I got the belly out of the line the blue went aggro and dumped 1/2 the spool in seconds and then the tail cut the main line. Yep, a 3 dollar seawitch from Walmart was what he grabbed and it only had a 3foot leader.

Those guys will never laugh at the long leaders i use ever and I'll always have that great memory and a comeback for short leader folks everywhere.

I've been in a bunch of situations where billfish were caught but this was my first time feeling the speed and power firsthand.

Captain Kevin F. Rose
Cape Island 186- "Telecaster"

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