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Bait/fish cooler transom mount - 197 Islander

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Bait/fish cooler transom mount - 197 Islander

PostFri Apr 28, 2017 10:35 am

After seeing a couple folks on here build bait cooler holders to put on the front transom over the splashwell on 197's I just couldn't resist. We generally don't have the bench seat in place when we are fishing, and this frees up space under the seat to allow us to keep a soft side drink cooler and a collapsible dog crate to shove the pup in when we have to handle fish that take two of us to deal with. We had a circus last summer handling a 7 ft sandbar shark for pics/release while the weiner dog was trying to jump overboard and attack her...but that's another story.

Anyway, for the cooler platform I bought a big cutting board from Amazon - 30 inches wide by like 14-16 deep for the bottom plate. I emailed Jack about getting the brackets like are on the bottom of the bench seat to engage the brackets in the front of the transom, and he got back to me (said there were 2 different types, need pictures to be sure which one) - meanwhile we found similar brackets at Marine Depot online and bought them there. Not exact, but close enough.

I cut out semicircular reliefs in the back corners of the cutting board to be sure it wouldn't contact rigging, and ripped it a couple inches narrower on the table saw so it wouldn't stick out too far (be sure to round off your cuts with a dremel or something - this stuff gets SHARP when you cut it!). Used the ripped off edge to make strips to screw down to the plate on front/back/sides of cooler to keep it from sliding. Had a couple stainless brackets laying around that I used to bungee the handles down onto. These are the adjustable bungees, and seem tight enough, but if I see some play on the water I'll get small ratchet straps.

I used a Coleman cooler I had - around 30ish quart size - as I wanted to attach some stuff to it - the green thing on top is a flexible cutting board, I used some 1 inch PVC for dehooker and knife holders, we had one of the suction cup stick-on hook and sinker holders that we never used, so I cut the suction cups off and screwed that to the front, and added a pliers holder as well.

I'm excited to use this setup and see how it all works out - might take some tweaking of the setup, but I think it will be really handy!




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Re: Bait/fish cooler transom mount - 197 Islander

PostMon May 01, 2017 9:11 pm

Nice setup. Gives me inspiration ;-) I need to some day build my final nice one. But for now my current temporary one is working ok.


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Re: Bait/fish cooler transom mount - 197 Islander

PostTue May 02, 2017 2:01 pm

I think you have done a fine job as well as your descriptions of what & why you did what you did. Very nicely done & I hope this serves you well.
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