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Redfish on the Halfshell

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Redfish on the Halfshell

PostSun Jul 13, 2008 3:18 pm

Since I live about 6 hours from the Gulf Coast this is the best way I have found to have fresh fish after a trip (assuming that the trip was successful)

Filet the red and leave the skin and scales on.

get some gallon ziplock bags and place the filets in there.

Find a grocery store and buy:
Italian salad dressing
Worchestshire Sauce
Salt and Pepper
(If you like, buy a handful of cilantro and chop it with your clean filet knife)

Put all the dressing and quite a bit of the Worchestshire sauce in the bag along with the filet (and cilantro)
Salt and pepper to your liking

Throw the bag in the icechest and drive home.

Place on a well heated barbque pit, skin side down. DO NOT FLIP THE FILET! Cook until it is flaky, basting often with the "marinade."

The skin will be completely burned, but will stay together. Don't place the fish on your wife (or girlfriends) nice white china platter when serving...use an old cookie sheet...

The meat is easily freed from the skin with a spatula or fork.

Eat until you get full!!!!

The only thing you need to replenish is the Italian Dressing and cilantro. The worchestshire sauce last for at least 3 or 4 trips.

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